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The importance of story telling

The importance of story telling

In his TED presentation ” Welcome to Nollywood ” [http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/franco_sacchi_on_nollywood.html ],
Franco Sacchi tells us:

“I hope that it will inspire other African nations to (…) create an narrative for the population something to identify, something positive, something that really is psychological releaf and is part of the culture. (…)

And there is one thing, one small challenge that I have for you and it should make us relfect on the importance of story telling:

Try to image a world where the only goal is food and a shelter but no stories, no stories around the campfire, no legends no fairy tales, nothing, no novels.

Difficult, hey ?
It’s meaningless.

So this is what I really think, I think that the key to a healthy society is a triving community of story tellers. And I think that the Nigerian filmmakers really have proven it.”

Franco Sacchi: Welcome to Nollywood -
about Nigeria’s booming film industry - where local crews telling local stories can shoot a feature film in a week

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